October 2023

Welcome to October’s edition of the SODA-SOUND Monthly Spatial Releases, a roundup of new music curated by the team every month. This eclectic playlist showcases the latest records that we’ve been a part of. Through carefully selecting tracks, the playlist embodies the essence of our work, blending diverse sounds into 3D immersive experiences. From pulsating beats to soulful melodies, SODA-SOUND Monthly Spatial Releases allow you to experience the freshest sounds of the moment.


In October’s edition, we’re placing the spotlight on select tracks that represent our diverse musical journey.

In the indie and singer-songwriter category, check out ‘beach song (demo)‘ by Leonie Biney and ‘Lost Cowboy‘ by Elle Coves, both offering unique perspectives and memorable melodies. We’ve also collaborated with Arden Records and the London Symphony Orchestra for a one of a kind classical crossover. Halibab Matador’s album ‘Souvenirs’ is the perfect soundtrack to our busy lives, with ‘ebb + flo‘ by Crypton introducing a chilled electronica groove perfect for those late night sessions.

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