January 2024

Welcome to January’s edition of the SODA-SOUND Monthly Spatial Releases blog. We’re thrilled to kick off the new year and showcase the diverse selection of records that we’ve mixed this month. This playlist serves as the first chapter building upon the energy and creative momentum from 2023.

Coming soon in February, Justin Michael Williams’ new album SOUL CHILD brings soothing melodies and warm soundscapes. It’s sure to transport you from the cold January days. Be sure to listen to Hello (feat. Frank Fitzpatrick) and Desire which are out on pre-release.

We are also getting closer to the release of the collaboration between AKTHESAVIORSagun’s album, u r not alone. Listen to the latest drop, Humble, their hottest track yet. Definitely an album to keep an eye out for when it drops in March!

Diving into the realm of PHONK, a musical genre characterized by a distorted Lo-fi quality and heavy bass, often using samples from old-school hip-hop, funk, and soul.
We really enjoyed mixing the tracks Blended Lines by D the iii and SEDUÇÃO by RØLF. These records weave together the signature distorted synth bass and formidable leads that are synonymous with PHONK, creating a sonic experience that pays homage to the past and present of music.

Bring on 2024!

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