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Immersive Mixing

Dolby Atmos builds on cutting-edge surround sound technology to create a 3D sound space using additional speakers that add height, providing a much more realistic and immersive audio experience that is impossible to achieve in stereo.

  • Acoustically treated 7.1.4. mixing suite
  • Dolby Atmos Certified
  • Experienced In-house immersive mixing engineers
  • Mixed more than 5,000 records in Dolby Atmos to date with millions of streams worldwide
  • Dolby Atmos mixing for music, film, TV, audiobooks, games, nature, experiential experiences, art installations and fashion shows

Stereo Mixing

Stereo Mixing is the artful process of balancing, positioning and enhancing recorded audio to create a dimensional and immersive sonic experience. It involves directing individual elements of a sound recording, like voices and instruments, into a sound field that has two distinct channels — left and right. The magic lies in ensuring every part of your music shines and strikes the perfect harmony, while making the sound feel expansive and captivating.

We pride ourselves on three key elements: experience, precision and creativity.

  • Experience – with years of industry experience, our expert sound engineers understand the nuance and subtlety required for a perfectly balanced mix. We’ve worked with a diverse range of genres and artists, enabling us to confidently adapt to your unique sound and vision.
  • Precision – we utilise top-of-the-line technology and software to provide the highest quality stereo mixes. We meticulously adjust and tune each element of your recording, ensuring clarity, depth and balance in the final product.
  • Creativity – mixing isn’t just science – it’s an art form. Our team approaches every project with fresh ears and creative instincts, tailoring our services to enhance the emotional impact of your music. We aim not only to preserve but elevate your original vision.


Mastering balances and refines the sonic elements of a mix, optimising playback across all systems and media formats to provide the best audio experience wherever it’s being listened to. We work directly with music labels from the stereo mix through to master as well as the Dolby Atmos Mix, which makes the whole process streamlined as we have a greater understanding of what the artist wants from the very beginning.

  • Dedicated mastering suite equipped with high-end outbound mastering gear
  • Apple Digital Master Certified
  • Skilled in-house mastering engineers
  • Stereo mastering, stem mastering and continuous mix masters
  • Masters that not only represent the best of the artist but are also consistent with their work and genre

Bespoke Music

Bespoke Music brings a story to life through audio. We create high-quality, original music to support our clients’ stories and are renowned for blending synthesised and organic instrumentation to create a unique and captivating sound.

  • Talented in-house team of producers, mixers and engineers who are also multi-instrumentalists
  • Large roster of composers and writers from diverse musical genres
  • Rare modular synth collection for composing truly original and engaging music
  • Experience creating Bespoke Music for some of the world’s leading brands and companies
  • Bespoke Music for film, TV, commercials and advertising campaigns, experiential experiences, games, apps, health & fitness, retail spaces, theatres and museums

Sound Design

Sound Design creates the foundation layer for moving images, adding realism and emotion. We integrate Sound Design with Bespoke Music so the two aren’t competing but working in harmony to benefit the story being told.

  • Skilled in-house sound designers
  • Hyper-detailed, one-of-a-kind original sounds with creative flare
  • Experience designing sound for some of the biggest brands and companies around the globe
  • Full sound design audio for AAA video games, film, TV, commercials and advertising campaigns, experiential experiences, games, theatres and museums

Case Studies:

Location Recording

Location Recording is the art of capturing ambient sounds in the wild, from standalone recordings aimed at wellness to our recordings specifically tailored to enhance the client’s vision. We use the best equipment available to record our authentic location sounds, wherever in the world it may take us.

  • Recorded original nature soundscapes all around the world across 7 continents
  • Previous Location Recording projects have featured on the front page of Apple Music for our Earth Day releases, as well as bespoke sound recordings for Hollywood theatrical advertisements and trailers
  • We record using a multichannel set-up, which allows implementation into our immersive mixing workflow if required


Our studios are fully equipped for ADR and Voice Over Recording sessions. We provide ADR and Voice Over Recording for radio, podcasts, audiobooks, games, TV commercials and advertising campaigns, education and finance.