Case Study

Terror Endless Night

Client Industry

  • Gaming

Services Provided

  • Stereo Mixing
  • Bespoke Music
  • Sound Design
  • Location Recording
  • Voiceovers

Welcome to Terror: Endless Night, an immersive 19th-century strategy game inspired by true events. Set sail on a daring rescue mission to locate the missing Royal Navy ships, HMS “Erebus” and HMS “Terror,” as they ventured to find a passage to East Asia through the Arctic. Our team was honoured to be part of this extraordinary project, creating bespoke music, authentic sound design, and foley to elevate the game’s experience. To ensure utmost authenticity, we journeyed to Poland, capturing the bone-chilling snow blizzards of winter and meticulously recording the creaking wooden decks of boats. Prepare to be transported to a world of historical accuracy and gripping storytelling, as you navigate through the icy waters and treacherous terrain in Terror: Endless Night.


You can experience the game in full on Steam!

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