March 2024

Welcome to March’s edition of the SODA-SOUND Monthly Spatial Releases blog, where we present a curated selection of tracks that highlight our work over the month.

First up is ‘Sundown‘ by Willa Owen, an indie chill banger that echoes with the serene vibes reminiscent of Men I Trust, offering a perfect blend of relaxation and groove.

Next, we delve into the mesmerising soundscape of ‘Fizzy (feat. Winniebell Zong) [Danny Barwick Spoken Word Remix]‘ by Houis, where poetic spoken word meets chilled electronic beats, creating an ethereal atmosphere that invites introspection and contemplation.

If you’re looking for Lo-Fi grooves to get you in the mood for the Bank Holiday weekend, check out ‘KEEP YOUR FEET‘ by SUPERSOFA from their debut EP ‘FEET UP‘. We’ve been grooving to this one on repeat and can’t wait for the rest of the EP to be released in June.

Lastly, Arden Records takes us on an immersive sonic adventure through the awe-inspiring landscapes of the National Parks of North America in their album ‘National Parks Vol. 2‘. Dolby Atmos brings these experiences to life, enveloping you in the rich sounds of nature.

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