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Aneeshwar Kunchala

Client Industry

  • Kids
  • Music
  • Wellness

Services Provided

  • Immersive Mixing
  • Mastering

Aneeshwar, a young and passionate talent, has already achieved extraordinary feats. From captivating audiences on Britain’s Got Talent with his poetic odes to the natural world, to earning accolades like the Scientific Exploration Society Young Scientific Explorer of the Year and the Global Child Prodigy Award, his brilliance knows no bounds. Often referred to as a “young David Attenborough,” Aneeshwar’s lifelong fascination with nature and wildlife has driven him to leave a remarkable impact at such a tender age. We were brought on board to Apple Digital Master and Mix in Dolby Atmos ‘A Voice Of Nature‘ which is a set of poems by Aneeshwar accompanied by location sound recordings from Martyn Stewart.


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