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With a transformative journey from a dubstep pioneer to a powerhouse in house and techno, Skream unveils his latest musical odyssey, “Skreamizm 8”. This album, deeply rooted in his travels and the rich fabric of the UK’s electronic music scene, is a compelling testament to his continuous evolution as an artist.

The subsequent tracks, including the captivating ‘Waiheke Island’ in collaboration with UK duo Prospa, immerse listeners in the depths of breakbeat house, echoing the legacy of UK rave culture. Skream’s unmatched musical breadth, combined with his talent for intertwining diverse sonic elements, is evident throughout. Each composition speaks to his longevity in the industry, harmoniously blending his established sound with fresh contributions from emerging talents like Prospa.

Our meticulous mastering at SODA-SOUND, which includes both Apple Digital Mastering and dedicated Vinyl mastering, has been pivotal in curating this album. We’ve accentuated the dynamic interplay within each track, refining the soundscape to highlight the collective artistic vision.

Skreamizm 8” stands as a celebration of Skream’s enduring presence in the electronic music landscape, the resilience and vibrancy of the UK’s rave heritage, and SODA-SOUND’s unwavering dedication to sonic perfection.


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