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ArdenxLSO ‘A Timeless Motif


Arden Records and the iconic London Symphony Orchestra joined forces and collaborated on this brilliant album. It features 10 of the London Symphony orchestra’s most notable classical pieces, reimagined in a mesmerizing Lo-fi style by Arden’s esteemed roster of artists. At SODA-SOUND, the team worked meticulously on the Masters & Dolby Atmos Mixes to ensure the utmost attention to the intricate details of this collaboration.
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We were thrilled to embrace the exciting challenge of crafting a mesmerising sonic world for the brand-new MERCEDES B-CLASS campaign. Our vision involved creating a sound design bed that gracefully weaves around the music, enhancing the viewer’s experience by crafting a multi-dimensional soundscape that adds a subtle yet distinct layer of tactile excitement. Using an array of modular synthesisers and field recordings allowed us to get creative and have a hands-on approach to achieving the desired sound palette. For more details about our involvement in this project, see our website and watch this MERCEDES B-CLASS campaign video.

Fort Solis

Fort Solis is a single-player, third-person thriller experience, set on Mars. Responding to a routine alarm alert, Jack is unable to locate the crew at Fort Solis. As the night grows longer, events begin to escalate and start to reveal the mystery of what happened to the Fort Solis crew. We were brought onto Fort Solis by Fallen Leaf Games to be the audio team responsible for the bespoke music, original music soundtracks, dialogue recording, ADR and mocap location recordings.
Being able to have full control over Fort Solis’s sonic identity was a great experience as we were able to experiment with many different audio avenues which led us to build our final audio themes for the Fort Solis world. We wanted to lean into the feeling of isolation, tension and apprehension. We managed this by building the soundscapes around baritone guitars, distortion units and swelling Moog synthesisers.

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sagun & AKTHESAVIOR – No Scars [Single]


Working on the Dolby Atmos Mix for ‘No Scars’ was a rewarding experience for us. We have been watching these two artists independently over the years so being able to work on a track with them both feature was a real treat! Be sure to check out the music video for creative stunning visuals!
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Kallitechnis – Crave you (remixes) [Album]

Last but certainly not least we bring you ‘Crave You’ (remixes) by Kallitechnis.We enjoyed mixing this lively summer pop remix album in Dolby Atmos. The variety in all the remixes brought a fresh perspective to the original track, making the mixing process both refreshing and challenging.
We want to express our gratitude to all our clients for making 2023 our busiest year yet. We are incredibly grateful for all the music that we have created, mixed and mastered for you and we can’t wait to get back into the studio to welcome 2024 as we embark on another year of creativity and amazing music!

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